· Friulian tagliere (Trieste's ham, bacon, rolled with pepper, pitina salami, lard and speck from Sauris, formadi Frant, Cividale cheese 4 months and Montasio cheese 12 months
· "Pataduomo": potato stuffed with truffle flavored egg on parmesan and Treviso cicory fondue
· Fish tartare with anchovy, pesto sauce and crispy pastry
· Shrimp on saor (onion) with grilled polenta and pumpkin chips

· Lasagna with sausage and cicory on chili potato cream
· Pumpkin gnocchi, prawns, marinated Treviso cicory and walnut powder
· Bean cream with fresh egg pasta and parsley oil

· Irish beef fillet (220 gr.) with rosmary potatoes
· Beef tartare (160 gr.) with croutons
· Veal cheeks braised of Refosco wine on mashed potatoes
· Vicenza-style cod with Mortegliano's polenta
· "Frico" flan with toasted polenta and sour purple cabbage

· Rosmary potatoes
· Fresh mixed salad
· Au gratin fennel

· Semifreddo "DE CONTO"
· Tiramisù
· Brownies with vanilla ice cream and home-made hazelnuts
· White chocolate mousse with black currante
· Creme Brulèe
· Tart of jam with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
· Pineapple cube with star anice

The menu can undergo small changes depending on our Chef Andrea.
The menu follows the seasonality; Chef Andrea chooses mainly local products paying attention to Friuli Venezia Giulia slow food commands.

Let the food be your medicine and the medicine your food